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1.2311, 1.2344, 1.2378,1.2379, P20 Die Steel
Publish time:2022-04-20 丨 View counts:131

1.2311 Steel Description

1.2311 steel, German die steel number, the steel is produced by “super pure” process, pre-hardening, showing a high degree of microscopic purity and excellent homogeneous structure, excellent polishing and photoetching.

After heat treatment, processing and polishing performance is good, can be nitriding treatment, suitable for chrome plating and other surface treatment, material hardness uniformity (to 400mm thick), good toughness, good mechanical processing performance. The gold structures are martensite and bainite.

The corresponding national steel number

Corresponding Chinese steel number: P20: P20

Corresponding Japanese steel number: PDS-3

Corresponding US steel number: P20

Corresponding Swedish steel number: 618