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C45 Carbon steel / 45
Publish time:2022-04-20 丨 View counts:313

C45 Steel Bar Description

C45(1.0503) is a kind of medium carbon high quality steel with high strength. Because of its poor hardenability, it is generally used in the normalizing state.

When the mechanical properties are required to be high, it is treated by tempering and tempering. Cold deformation plasticity medium, annealing and normalizing cutting machinability is better than the quality. It is used to manufacture high strength parts, such as gears, shafts, piston pins, and mechanical processing parts, forgings, stamping parts, bolts, nuts and pipe joints.

Executive standard: EN 10083/2-1991

Corresponding Chinese steel number: 45#

Corresponding Japanese steel number: S45C

Corresponding British steel number: 060A47, 080A47, 080M46

Corresponding French  steel number: XC45

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